Museum of wax figurines

Accept our invitation to a grand party where Brad Pitt, Rihanna, and Katy Perry are waiting for you.

Sing with Michael Jackson or move like Jagger in a truly stunning Hollywood ballroom. Jean Paul Belmondo and Marilyn Monroe are also looking forward to meeting you in person.

Over 50 amazing wax figurines of global legends welcome you!

Legends and stars awaiting you

Rich scenography, full of visual and sound effects creates an atmosphere of fun and fantasy.

The Wax Museum of Legends by Grevin is located in the very heart of Prague, just 2 minutes walk from the Old Town Square and the Orloj Astronomical Clock.

Old Prague Legends - a new interactive exhibition

A newly completed part of the exhibition, Legends of Old Prague, teaches you about the medieval mysteries of the Golden City. 

Play our interactive code game to get the most out of your journey through the Legends of Old Prague.

Discover 11 of the most famous Prague legends

Meet your favorite celebrities in a staggering ballroom full of international and local legends.

Spend your time sweetly with greatest legends of sport, politics, history, cinema and many more

Selfies with stars

Get your phone ready for some unforgettable selfies with your favorite stars!`Wax Museum of Legends is a unique destination for every age group.

Opening hours:


10:00 – 19:00


Celetná 15, Prague 1, Czech Republic


+420 226 776 776  +420 226 776 776

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