Rules of visit of the Chocolate Experience Center

operated by company Chocolate experience s.r.o., ID no.: 06199682, registered office at Praha 1, Staré Město, Celetná 557/10, postal code 110 00, registered in the Commercial Register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Entry 278006 (hereinafter referred to as “Operator”).

1. Subject-matter of the rules of visit

1.1. These Rules of Visit regulate the rights and obligations of visitors of the CHOCOTOPIA entertainment center operated by the Operator at V Oblouku 728, 252 43 Průhonice (hereinafter referred to as “CHOCOTOPIA Center”).

1.2. These Rules of Visit are binding for all visitors entering the premises of CHOCOTOPIA Center, and form an integral part of the contract on registration and provision of services of the Operator entered into between the visitors and the Operator (hereinafter referred to as the ‘”Contract on Registration”).

2. Registration

2.1. Every visitor of the CHOCOTOPIA Center who wishes to enter the premises of CHOCOTOPIA Center must register as described below. The purpose of the registration is to ensure the safety of visitors of CHOCOTOPIA Center, as well as the security of property of the Operator and the visitors and protection of the Operator’s rights. The obligation to register does not apply to access to the freely accessible premises of CHOCOTOPIA Center (entrance, café and shop).

2.2. A person older than 15 years can register by their own. For younger persons or persons with limited legal capacity, the registration is always performed on their behalf by an adult who accompanies them in CHOCOTOPIA Center.

2.3. The registration is made by the visitor using the electronic form, at the registration stands located at the entrance to CHOCOTOPIA Center, or online at In the relevant registration form, all the information that is marked as mandatory must be filled in. All information provided during the registration must be up-to-date and true. The Operator is not responsible for any damage caused if the visitor provides them with incorrect or inaccurate data.

2.4. In the course of the registration, the visitor confirms that they have read and understood these Rules of Visit and that they agree with them by ticking the appropriate checkbox in the registration form. Without this consent, registration cannot be completed.

2.5. Registration is completed by sending the registration form to the Operator by clicking on the ‘Complete Registration’ button. At the same time, the Contract on Registration between the visitor and the Operator is concluded.

2.6. Upon successful registration, an e-mail confirmation of the registration will be sent to the visitor.

2.7. The registration form might not be available at all times, especially with regard to the necessary maintenance of the Operator’s hardware and software equipment, or necessary maintenance of third party’s hardware and software. The Operator has the right to interrupt or close the registration at any time, even without prior notice

3. Minor visitors

3.1. A minor visitor (or any other person limited in the relevant area of legal capacity) (hereinafter referred to as “Minor”) must always be accompanied by a parent (legal guardian), a person accompanying a school group or another adult person with full legal capacity who has taken responsibility for the minor’s security when visiting CHOCOTOPIA Center (hereinafter collectively as the ‘Responsible Person’).

3.2. The Responsible Person undertakes to ensure that Minors adhere to the Rules of Visit, instructions of the Operator and legal regulations during their visit in the CHOCOTOPIA Center. The Responsible Person undertakes to acquaint the Minors in a clear and timely manner with all their duties and obligations.

3.3. The Responsible Person shall register the Minor as a part of the registration of the Responsible Person who accompanies the Minor. The Responsible Person shall include in their registration form (procedure under Article 2 of these Rules of Visit) the identification data of all Minors that they accompany.

3.4. By registering the Minors, the Responsible Person declares that they (i) are a parent (legal guardian) of the Minors, or (ii) another person authorized to legally represent the Minor during the registration, or (iii) is a person accompanying a school group and is responsible for Minors’ security under Act no. 561/2004, the Education Act, as amended, and has the Minor’s legal guardian’s consent to the Minor’s participation in activities at CHOCOTOPIA Center and to register the Minor, or (iv) is another person who, with the consent of the legal guardian, took over the responsibility for the Minors’ security during the visit in the CHOCOTOPIA Center, and is empowered to carry out the registration on behalf of the Minor

4. Rules of use of the Chocotopia Center

4.1. The entry to CHOCOTOPIA Center is allowed only to visitors who have duly registered and have a valid ticket purchased in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Operator.

4.2. The entry to the CHOCOTOPIA Center is open to persons over 15 years of age; younger persons or persons with limited legal capacity must be accompanied by a Responsible Person.

4.3. The entry to the CHOCOTOPIA Center is allowed only to persons who are physically fit; CHOCOTOPIA Center is not suitable for [………………………….]. By registering, the visitor declares that they are physically fit and that their visit to the CHOCOTOPIA Center is not dangerous for them or other visitors or surroundings. At the same time, the visitor is aware that in case this declaration is false, it constitutes a violation of their obligations under these Rules of Visit. In case of Minors, the declaration of fitness of Minors for visit in the CHOCOTOPIA Center is made by the Responsible Person, which is also responsible for the declaration.

4.4. The visitor is obliged to adapt all their activities in the CHOCOTOPIA Center to their abilities and their health condition. In case of any health or other problems the visitor will inform the Operator without undue delay.

4.5. During the visit to the CHOCOTOPIA Center, the visitors are obliged to strictly observe all rules contained in these CHOCOTOPIA Rules of Visit as well as any other instructions of the Operator.

4.6. Visitors are always obliged to act in such a way as to prevent any property damage or non-material damage.

4.7. Visitors must be appropriately dressed; entry to the CHOCOTOPIA Center will be denied to visitors in inappropriate or dirty clothing.

4.8. Visitors must leave their personal belongings only in places specially designated for this purpose by the Operator.

4.9. Visitors are obliged to behave with respect to other visitors and the Operator’s employees and co-workers, and in particular, the visitors may not disturb other visitors while visiting and using the CHOCOTOPIA Center.

4.10. It is strictly prohibited:

4.10.1. to enter CHOCOTOPIA Center with any dangerous objects (e.g. weapons, knives, explosive, flammable or volatile substances, or any other dangerous or illegal items or substances); as well as with overly bulky items including oversized luggage, or items making loud sounds;

4.10.2. to enter the CHOCOTOPIA Center with animals (except guide or assistance dog, or small dogs carried in their designated bag);

4.10.3. to bring food and drinks to the CHOCOTOPIA Center (except for those purchased from the Operator); it is prohibited to consume any food or drinks (except for the cases when it is a of the activities in the CHOCOTOPIA Center);

4.10.4. to enter the CHOCOTOPIA Center under the influence of alcohol or any other narcotic or psychotropic substances;

4.10.5. not to respect the instructions of the Operator or any other restrictions, prohibitions or orders of the Operator;

4.10.6. to destroy, contaminate, damage or otherwise degrade the premises and property of the Operator or third parties and the equipment of the CHOCOTOPIA Center in any way;

4.10.7. to run or otherwise dangerously move and behave;

4.10.8. to smoke and manipulate in any way with an open fire; this also applies to electronic cigarettes or other similar devices;

4.10.9. to carry out any business, advertising or promotional activities, collect money, distribute promotional and advertising materials, printed materials or other objects without the Operator’s knowledge and prior consent;

4.10.10. to make audio, visual, audiovisual or other records within the CHOCOTOPIA Center for commercial purposes without the knowledge and prior written consent of the Operator;

4.10.11. to carry out activities of a tourist guide;

4.10.12. to use the premises and equipment of the CHOCOTOPIA Center in ways and for purposes that are not in accordance with their intended purpose, capacities and capabilities

5. Liability

5.1. In the event of failure to comply with the obligations set forth in these Rules of Visit, the Operator’s instructions or the law, the visitor declares that they are aware of the associated risks – these include, in particular, the possibility of incurring a harm (such as injuries or material damage). The Responsible Person undertakes to instruct the Minors about this.

5.2. In the event of a breach of Rules of Visit and/or failure to comply with the Operator’s instructions, the visitor may be expelled from the premises of the CHOCOTOPIA. In such case, the visitor is obliged to leave the CHOCOTOPIA Center without undue delay and has no right to reimbursement of the paid admission fee or any other claims against the Operator arising in this context. If the Responsible Person is expelled, all Minors accompanying the Responsible Person are also expelled.

5.3. To the extent permitted by law, the visitor waives the right to compensation for any damage caused by the Operator.

5.4. The visitor bears full responsibility for their conduct in the CHOCOTOPIA Center, in particular they are obliged to compensate for any damage that would be incurred by the Operator or third parties as a result of the visitor’s conduct in contravention of the Rules of Visit, instructions of the Operator or the law. The Minors are supervised in the CHOCOTOPIA Center by the Responsible Person, who is responsible for the compliance of the Minors’ conduct with the Rules of Visit, the Operator’s instructions and legal regulations. Minors shall be liable for any damage caused in accordance with legal regulations, in particular Act no. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended

6. Final provisions

6.1. These Rules of Visit come into force and effect on 20.4.2020.

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