Chocolate Museum and Wax Museum of Legends


Museum of Chocolate and Wax Museum of Legends

Welcome to the largest and the most entertaining chocolate museum in the Czech Republic.

Travel across space and time to explore over 4,000 years of fascinating chocolate history. Taste the adventure and watch the live production of chocolate products in our unique interactive exhibition.

Museum of Chocolate

Monday – Sunday


Chocolate Store

Sunday – Thursday
Friday – Saturday


Make your own chocolate

See what it feels like to be a chocolatier and make your own chocolate at our Chocolate Workshops.


Pruhonice Chocolate Center


Make your own chocolate

Share the best taste

Chocolate Store

Wax Museum of Legends

Monday – Sunday


The Most Entertaining Wax Museum

Enter our legendary interactive worlds, where imagination blends with reality. Meet your favorite celebrities from cinema, sports, culture, and politics face to face.

For schools

Company events

Chocotopia – a family company

Chocotopia is a Czech-Belgian family owned company with a long tradition in the chocolate industry. Our mission is to offer all our customers exceptional service, top-quality chocolate products and to promote the Chocotopia spirit to a wider community.

Plantation in Mexico

Chocotopia owns a cocoa plantation in Mexico, this allows us to control the quality chocolate we deliver from the very beginning of its lifecycle. Our plantation does not use any pesticides and provides jobs for over 60 local villagers.

Social responsibility

We seek to inspire people to combine fun, education and entertainment in general. We are a proud distributor of Fair-Trade Chocolate products and participate in a variety of social programs and sponsorships.

What’s next

Next year we are planning to open a whole new Chocolate Experience Center just outside of Prague. It will be a unique entertainment destination for visitors of all ages

Chocolate Experience Center

V Oblouku 728, Pruhonice,
Czech Republic

Tuesday – Friday:

Saturday – Monday:

10:00 – 18:00


Chocotopia Entertainment Center

Celetná 15, Prague 1
Czech Republic

Monday – Sunday

10:00 – 19:00

Candytopia & Sweet Selfies Studio

Celetná 10, Prague 1
Czech Republic

Monday – Sunday

11:00 – 23:00